Quirk Creek

- 27 km Loop
- Intermediate to Difficult
- Approx 3 to 4 hrs


Quirk Creek

trail image 1 Access: Hwy 66, Cobble Flats
Parking: Cobble Flats Picnic area. NOTE:The highway west of Elbow Falls is closed Dec 1 to May 15

Trail: 27 km Loop,  Approx 3 - 4 hrs, Intermediate

trail img 2 This ride feels like a long 27 km's, but there are plenty of highlights to keep you interested and will definitely satiate your appetite for single track. The real payoff is the last 5 km's of premium downhill action, the kind that prompts you to yell out a big old "YEEEHAAAAHHHH ... !" as you drop 150m down to the river's edge. Speaking of the river, you will need to Ford the Elbow from Cobble Flats picnic area, so it's not a bad idea to have sandals you can wear across to be retrieved later for the return crossing. Once across you'll go left on a gravel road following the river until turning right along Quirk Creek as it winds through the valley, accompanied by blankets of open meadow and the faint roar of ATV's in the direction of McClean Creek to the east. At about the 8 km mark turn left at the junction and bypass the option to cut across to Wildhorse Trail.

trail image 1 Cross the creek bridge, turn right and cycle for 1.5 km's where you'll merge with the unmarked Wildhorse Trail, veering back in the opposite direction as the second half of the Loop. Before turning the corner to head back however, it'll be worth your while to continue for another 2.5 km's just so you can experience the immense canyon at Threepoint Creek. From here you travel back to the junction with Wildhorse Trail and turn left for 11 km's of rolling meadows and deep pine, at one point dropping down switchbacks through a ghostlike section of fire ravaged forest. The downwhill blitz on the last leg of the journey caps off a long but pleasant day, leaving only the river to ford once more ... now where'd I leave those sandals ...