Powderface-Prairie Creek

Half Loop: 12 km Loop
Approx 1.5 hrs

Full Loop: 21 km Loop
Approx 3-4 hrs



Powderface-Prairie Creek

trail image 1 Access: Hwy 66, Powderface
Parking: Powderface Day Use area.
NOTE:The highway west of Elbow Falls is closed between Dec 1 and May 15 .

The Powderface Creek trailhead is that other hub of activity (after Station Flats Day Use area) where you'll find many an eager rider primed for his or her weeknight pilgrimage. What makes this Loop unique is that it contains a shorter version of itself by way of a connector called Prairie Link Trail at the mid-way point, with some interesting dynamics of it's own. I racked up plenty of frequent flyer miles with this one, indulging in all the elements of a challenging ride tightly packed into an hour and a half, perfect for the Biker on the go or as a tune-up ride to hone your skills.

trail img 2 In my opinion clockwise is the direction to ride this trail, starting from the powderface creek parking lot and up an abrupt section of steep hill that'll quickly whip you into shape. There's a lush mixture of meadow and pine forest as you work your way along the valley floor for approximately 3 km's, coming to a trail sign marking the junction for Powderface Pass ahead and Prairie Link trail on the right. Taking the right onto the connector link leads to an uphill climb that can be a lungbuster but is soon followed by some exhilarating downhill that will rock your socks as it descends rapidly to Prairie Creek.

trail image 1 Cross the Creek and keep right for an enjoyable roll and rumble through the valley with sporadic climbs and plenty of twists and turns, everything you look for in a good Mtn Bike Trail. After an arduous climb from the rocky canyon floor you come to rest on a bluff high above the creek, an interesting vantage point and good place for a brief respite before the final stretch of rewarding single track. You gain some optimum cruising power traversing the side of the valley which can be harrowing at times, especially when rounding a corner to find startled hikers or a sudden drop down portruding rock. It empties out at the Prairie Creek trailhead on Hwy 66, just 200 meters from where you started.