- 22 km Loop
- Intermediate to Difficult
- Approx 2 hrs


Moosepacker's Trail

trail image 1 Access: Hwy 66, Station Flats
Parking: Station Flats Day-Use area
Trail: 22 km Loop,  Approx 2 hrs, Intermediate to Difficult

From Station Flats start out on the Sulphur Springs trail for as long as it parallels the Hwy, then cut across the field on your left and follow a trail leading past a corral and onto Hwy 66, turning right when you get to Moose Mtn Road.. From here it's an hour long ride up to the trailhead, unless you exercise the option of getting dropped off at the top or shuttling two cars so you can avoid the hard work and simply reap the benefits of the downhill plunge back to Station Flats. Or better yet, why not get a shuttle bus and sell tickets ?

trail img 2 This is a great trail for Thrillseekers who like technically demanding single track on sharp switchbacks and hurling themselves downhill at breakneck speeds. Needless to say this is a popular one, and you'll often hear a chorus of bells shatter the ghostly quiet of the forest as teams of riders race down Tom Snow trail in qualifying time-trial fashion. I like it because the first half of the ride is a thorough workout as you bear down and pedal up the Moose Mtn gravel road, a long steady grind that takes about an hour or so to the parking area at the top. From here take the Moose Mtn Lookout Trail, a wide and sometimes treacherous path of large rocks that gradually descends for a little over 1 kilometer where you should look for a sharply angled right turn to enter into the ominous alpine of Moosepacker's.

trail image 1 Now the fun begins. Soon a series of tight, steep switchbacks will really test your mettle, which I can attest to having gone over the handlebars on one occasion. But it will help you hone your skills, especally when having to navigate over portruding, uneven terrain while steering sharply as gravity pulls you forward. When the switches peter out there's rolling, and hairpinning, and a heart pounding plummet down a very rocky road to a junction with Tom Snow Trail. Take the right turn (left is a long, plodding route to West Bragg Creek) and the roller coaster continues as you weave your way through meadows and forest with some uphill chugging scattered here and there, but for the most part it's bomb's away. There's a creek crossing after about 8 km's and then starts the only substantial uphill climb on the trail, a bit of a lungbuster but short in duration. Shortly after some more winding downhill be wary of an abrupt fork with a trail breaking right to the adjacent Diamond T Loop. Stay to the left and roll along a gentle dirt track to the finish.