Rummel Lake

Hiking, Biking and Camping permitted


Rummel Lake

Rummel Lake Access: Smith-Dorrien Spray Trail (opposite of turnoff to Mt. Engadine Lodge and Mt Shark).
Nearby Camping: Kananaskis Lakes, Spray Lakes.

- Hike, 4.5km, 1.5 - 2 hrs; Contributed By Steven Noel

Rummel Lake was always my favorite Hike n' Fish destination throughout the 1990s, but for one reason or another I've never taken proper photos of this intriguingly scenic and alluringly remote K-country gem. Luckily, Powderface reader and Kananaskis enthusiast Steven Noel has generously provided us with this splendid profile of a long prized backcountry fly-fishing destination.

You begin this trek opposite the Mount Shark Road. After proceeding up an old logging road at a moderate grade through the forest, you appear in the first cutblock. Judging by the size of the trees that have been planted, this area was probably logged more then 30 years ago. After switchbacking upwards for a while you work your way through another short patch in the old-growth forest. Following this you enter the second cutblock and continue switchbacking upwards.

Rummel Lake At the top of this cutblock you enter once more into the old growth forest and continue working your way towards the basin. After a while in the forest you get your first view of the creek down a ways and to the left. The trails works its way forward and eventually down to the creek. Here you come to a set of forks. The left fork crosses the creek on a bridge and continues on to Lillian and Galatea Lakes.

Steven Noel - Rummel Lake Trail Instead, proceed straight past a small talus slope and eventually you will find yourself at the base of the outflow of the lake as it thunders down a series of vertical and angled falls. Continue up and passed these falls and then cross the creek on a log and arrive at the west end of the lake. Here you can fish, explore or just sit in awe at the amazing beauty of this hidden gem.

Steven Noel - Rummel Lake Trail